Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe

Woof! You read that right. A dog cafe. But not the one you think that sells dog meat. No, that’s not really my thing. You can find this cafe in Katipunan, Quezon City, it’s a cafe where there are dogs that don’t bite, but won’t kiss you either. But the best part is you can hug them while you sip that good drink of yours.

On a Saturday noon, we started our trip from Makati to head out at the Barkin’ Blends Cafe. We reached the destination at around 2:15 pm. Address is 2nd Floor, J&R Concon Center, 91, Rosa Alvero Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila. This cafe has 2 zones mainly the human zone and the dog zone. Yes, they thought about how the cafe can still be hygienic. Not mixing the eating area together with the dogs. So first, you go to the human zone to purchase your ticket for the dog zone.


A single entry is 129 PHP. If you want drinks, you can just add 20-100 pesos, depending on the drink you want. Their drinks are so delicious! We tried Wintermelon Milk Tea, Dark Chocolate Rock Salt and Cheese, and Caramel Macchiato hot drink.

What we ordered
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You can never go wrong with these drinks
You can go to the dog zone directly with their advice the time of entrance, as long as you only bring drinks. You have a maximum of 2 hrs inside the dog zone. But they advice you when you can enter because maybe of crowd management.

Standing beside the dog zone, you can see from here the human zone
So there, we entered the dog zone at 2:55pm. Shoes are not allowed and they will provide you slippers. Also there is a locker provided for your group.

In the dog zone, there are two areas, one with benches and other is where you can sit on the floor. While waiting for our tickets, we looked at this glass window with the different dog breeds. There was this instance where a woman also checked out what’s happening inside. I just thought that she’s an ordinary by passer amazed by the cute dogs inside.


This afternoon is a naptime for the doggies so there you can find them sleeping on the floor. Sadly, I thought we can not play with them because it can be so guilty to wake them up from their afternoon nap. However, a minute before we enter the dog zone, the woman who is also looking at the glass window a while ago happened to be the loving owner of the dogs! They all woke up and approach her with a wiggling tail. They must be happy seeing their master. Unfortunately though for them, it’s just a minute too, the owner just checked them out and left after. Then the sleeping Golden Retrievers (which are my targets to cuddle with), namely Marley and Finn now woke up.

You’ll really get excited to play with them and take pictures with them. Make sure flash is off and you read all the dog rules posted in the human zone. I noticed that they are so well behaved. So trained that they only listen to the trainers! Yes, they won’t even look at you even when you call them by their names and even you pet them. There are also times they will walk away because they follow their trainers. But of course you can be happy just taking pictures with them with the guide of the trainers. So just talk to them if you want to have the pictures with the dogs. They’re ready.

My favorites ❤

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Can’t get enough! *gigil*
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Eyes on the ball
Forest, the dog on the left most, an Irish Setter is so playful! You can see him jumping, running around making photobombs. Haha! He is also ready to pose once called.

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This is Happy, though seems to look like not the same with his name, still so adorable
Half of the time allotted, we already sat on the other area where almost all the dogs are sleeping.  I think most of the 1 hour in this area is trying to convince these 2 huskies to wake up! But mission failed. No matter how hard we try, we cannot stop them from sleeping. They’re hibernating, lol.

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With good position of Indian seat, you can attract small dogs to sleep on your lap. So cute! This is also my fave parts on this experience. You need to be patient, they come in your lap based on their own decision. 😛

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This is really a pawesome idea where you want an experience with fluffy creatures if you don’t own dogs. But I think will also gives you the conviction to get one too. Hihi

Visit their Facebook for more details.


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